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Coffee Operations Across Uganda

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Pilot Programme

GLC is in the fifth year of a large-scale project to change the economy of the entire Rwenzori region through the development of a fair, traceable coffee supply chain. By deploying over $12 million per season of crop finance into the region, GLC allows farmers to bypass the middlemen and sell directly to GLC owned or authorized partner Collection Centers in the mountains.

Under GLC’s traceability program, virtually invisible farmers will be identified and the supply chain and the region’s Arabica coffee will become a major competitor in the commercial and specialty markets, with unlimited potential to scale in volume. To determine the potential for growing a high quality Arabica in this region and the most effective way of working with Rwenzori farmer communities, GLC created and tested three Pilot Sourcing Models during the 2015 harvest season.

Each pilot was designed to solve the primary problems identified in the traditional Rwenzori supply chain and to introduce a shorter, traceable and informed supply chain in the Rwenzoris, that will revolutionize the coffee industry in Western Uganda.

This first report of our GLC Western Uganda Sourcing Supply Chain covered September 2015- February 2016, representing a milestone in achieving our objectives and showing the progress achieved by our team of dedicated full time Zone Officers and Lead Farmers.

Download our latest report (10MB)

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